September 21, 2011

The Veganette for *cino Culture Make Sale

I am whipping up a few special dutch apple pies and szechuan string beans in an effort to support a fundraiser for *culture is not optional, a community organization based out of Three Rivers, MI. Their current project involves revamping a local school building into an arts and agriculture-based community center in an underserved area. Their work is thankless and heartening, a true collaboration between strangers and friends, gardeners and librarians, professors and students. Many many volunteers have dedicated huge portions of their lives to this project in the hopes that through their creative efforts they will be able to foster a sense of togetherness and generosity.

100% of the proceeds from the Culture Make Sale will go to *cino for the continued renovation of Huss School. If you purchase something from the veganette, I'll deliver these goodies to your door (as long as you are subway-accessible). There are many other very cool handmade items for purchase, so make sure to check out the complete catalogue!

To purchase a pie:
To purchase pickled green beans:

To the dreamers!

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