February 2, 2012

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pillows and A Mitten State

Last weekend, I took a brief tour through Michigan to honor the nuptials of K&L. It was great to reunite with nine of the women who (at different times) shared a roof with me during my days in the Great Lake State. After a rush of clanking glasses and confetti'd incense ceder, I headed over to Three Rivers where I spent some days building terrariums, wandering through thrift stores, and hearing the brilliant brainstorms of EU and SMO. We cooked a few meals together between SMO's mossy cabin and EU's wallpapered double-decker home including Chocolate PB Pillows from Post Punk Kitchen, a Panang Curry, and build-your-own breakfast burritos with tofu scramble, beans, avocados, cilantro, lime, and grapefruit wedges.

Grateful to have seen these tweed-clad and bookmobiled gals who are challenging and hilarious and true forces in their hood!  Of course, we went to the beach to seek out treasure near the lake water and the air off the lake water and the silver-haired heroes who come to sit in cars and watch waves. It was an unseasonably warm few days of texture and light and good company.
Back in Brooklyn,


  1. R & I used to make these all the time, we called them MOON PILLOWS. So good! Also, 3R sounds like it was beautiful.

  2. The colors and patterns really make the space but it will be no trouble to change up when her little guy gets older. Love the repurposed dresser and dressing up the bed with new hardware. Beautifully done!

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