May 24, 2012

In love with the Juiceman Jr.

It's been all rain here in Brooklyn and my hair has taken on a personality defined by unruly knots and a frizz-halo for miles. I'm actually starting to think it looks pretty good- wild and tired and so big it catches all the ideas of subway riders and unassuming passers-by. All of these absorbed ideas and a stack of seriously challenging have been making me feel very critical and light,  but it might also have something to with juice. We inherited a Juiceman Jr. from GY's mom last month and it has changed everything. Are you a juicer? I'd never really gotten into juicing (apart from the occasional Blue Print Cleanse) but am now a serious enthusiast!  Below are a few experiments that have turned out!

Green Juice! Kale, Kiwi, Apple, Mint, Cucumber and Lime

Carrot, Ginger, Tangelo 

As you probably know, the downside of juicing is that it gets really expensive unless you are lucky and find big bags of reject produce at the farmers market or if you are a gleaner. Unfortunately, almost everything gets sold at the market by my home and they do a really good job picking up all the leaves and apples that have rolled away. I love Agnes Varda's film "Les Glaneurs et La Glaneuse". We have watched it many times, smiling at those who live by collecting discarded produce, piles of heart-shaped potatoes and carrots twisted together like spooning friends. Do you know anywhere in Brooklyn to do some good urban gleaning? I promise to keep your secret location hush hush and also to make you delicious beverages of all kinds! 

Beet, Apple, Carrot, Ginger, and Meyer Lemon


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