May 10, 2013

Sweet Potato & Quinoa Burgers

All hail Marie Catrib's! This delicious Sweet Potato Quinoa Burger originated from the brilliant brains at Marie's, a sweet cafe in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was fortunate to spend many bright mornings there slinging dough, stretching pitas, and rolling buns alongside some of the nation's finest. I learned so much there! Marie is a gem and operates her farm-to-table restaurant with a collaborative spirit and unending generosity seldom found in the industry- slipping away from her gazpacho to chat with customers, kiss their babies, and slip gluten-free cookies to their kids. It's hard to imagine such sweetness! Matched with a tireless dedication to deliciousness, this place is not to be missed on your next drive across the country.

I don't have the original recipe, but this is my take on the sandwich. A hearty patty made of quinoa, sweet potatoes, red onions, garlic, tomatoes, and loads of fresh cilantro, piled high with arugula and tomato slices between two slices of condiment-slathered walnut sourdough. The burger is best when baked as I don't think it would hold up very well on a grill. I don't like my burgers to resemble meat hamburgers anyways, so I'm happy with this baked cake-like burger. I'm finally reading Eating Animals by JSF and it has me thinking about what vegetarianism must be like for those who feel the loss of meat. That hasn't been my story, but if you're a vegetarian with a nostalgia for big "beefy" burgers, you may want to try IsaChandra's Quarter Pounder Beet Burger, that's next on my list!

To the weekend!

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  1. she was such a wonderful person, thanks for sharing. I would love to hear about your recipe for this burger, been wanting to make a version of it myself!