July 29, 2013

New Homes

All of the new homes I have lived in over the past few years have been old homes. I love their weird edges and funky-shaped rooms, too-small hallways, counterless kitchens. I've just left my last old new home with its gorgeous peeling ceilings and slanted rooms for a new tall apartment with its fleur-de-lis fire place and ochre tile bathroom. Lots of dirty corners to clean and dishes to unload, so until then enjoy these sweet, blurry pics of current eats and one of Freddie the cat playing with his alligator toy.

It's nice to have all of my belongings under one roof. I forgot how many kitchen utensils I have! I've learned how to live with much less in these between days and how to cook most things using chopsticks. Home is where your climbing gear and your microplane zester is, and mine are in a closet on Grand Avenue so get ready for a massive dinner party on our porch/ roof! As always, I'm very thankful for my patient and generous friends and family and for this city which (despite it's populous nature) has found a corner for me to squeeze into over and over again. All of our days are gifts and these days I am doing my best to be present and grateful in them. Now enough cheez'n from me! Go bake a pie!



  1. Is that magic camera back in business?

  2. We'll see! I picked it up yesterday from the shop and fingers crossed, all will be well again. These pictures were taken on a disposable camera.