July 22, 2011

Cooking Together: Breakfast Special with Figs & Purslane

I am proud to say that I share a kitchen with one of Brooklyn's best vegan chefs, KM! She has taught me so much about cuban food and good coffee and I am always delighted when our mornings coencide and tagteam breakfasts emerge. Food truly is our urban entr'acte and we meddle in substitutions, the mysteries of our CSA, and leaning towers of soapy geranium-scented dishes. This is the fourth kitchen we've shared in nine dizzy months. I can't believe how time passes and how many meals we have made in stange and inconvenient spaces.

This breakfast special was amazing! Tofu scramble mixed up with spices, fresh herbs, garlic, chorizo and mushrooms! Country-stlye potatoes with parsley and toasted rye bread! To top it all off, fresh figs from JG's tree and purslane from our CSA. Purslane is an interesting and delicious leafy green that tastes a bit tart and salty, like a mix between sorrell and spinach. It has lots of omega-3 fatty acids in it and is great for you! Try it!

Cooking together is better!

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  1. The Leaning Towers of Soapy Geranium-Scented Dishes!