August 13, 2011

Parkside Tea Sandwiches

While running back and forth from the laundromat this morning, I made a couple lovely baguettes. I was so delighted about having fresh bread around that I invited GK over to make fancy tea sandwiches with me in the park. Prospect Park has been a saving grace to me this summer. It has come to represent some major turning points in my relationship with this city, mainly - reconciliation through grass-rolling and late-night-strolling and afternoon-snacking and moon-watching and people-watching and poem-reciting and early-morning-jogging and kite-flying.

These simple sandwiches were delicious and easy. Tofu cream cheese with cucumbers and dill seed and fresh tomatoes with basil. Salt and pepper would have been nice but I forgot to pack them in my tote. Just assemble and serve. Perfect on freshly baked baguettes or toasted bread.

Over the course of this summer, I have received some really lovely surprises from JG's garden. Her mother gave me this gorgeous bunch of fresh herbs last week wrapped in leaves and tied with string. I couldn't get over how beautiful this bouquet was! It has lasted in my fridge for over a week and still looks and tastes great.

Enjoy! (and go eat outside!)

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  1. Sheesh! Anyone try to mug you for those?