March 15, 2012

Makizushi with Avocado, Cucumber, and Seasoned Tofu

photo by TB
This week has been all legs in Brooklyn! The warm air has encouraged all of the things I love most about spring: tree blooms, stoop-sitting, bike rides, and clear, planet-filled nights. It always feels good to lighten up our plates with cold, fresh meals. It has been some time since I made sushi and forgot how lovely a process it can be! These were simple rolls with just a few ingredients, but I'm looking forward to making another batch this weekend with sweet potato tempura and marinated shitake mushrooms. I always think of EJ when I eat norri rolls because we have matching chopsticks and her family hosts such lovely maki parties. Looking forward to having a sushi and miso party in the park soon!

To the sounds of Nairobi Beat,

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  1. you make good things you have dogs springing on your legs