August 17, 2012

Vienna Vegetable Soup

During my stay in Vienna, AS and I did a lot of cooking together in her white, book filled apartment. AS and I met in Marfa, where we were neighbors and co-workers at the Chinati Foundation. She taught me how to make some seriously good espresso during our shared mornings when we perched on our concrete stoop, watching the dry grass catch the light. We have stayed in touch through letters and postcards since those desert days and it was so special to spend a week with her on borrowed bikes, near water, in galleries. AS' work involves conserving contemporary art and she is my number one most favorite person to look at art with because she knows about materiality and immateriality. She asks lots of questions and pays attention to history and space in the best way.

AS' neighborhood is the coolest and comes complete with a 24 hour Turkish bakery, many bars, a restaurant that offers tofu scramble (!) for brunch, and a huge farmers market. We picked up some funny Austrian records on the cheap to keep us company as we caramelized onions and chopped herbs. In the summer if it's hot and you still want to make hot soup, the best thing to do is add lots of tomatoes and herbs. Dill is my favorite.

Happy weekending,

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