August 30, 2012

The Veganette for Earth Eats: Rösti

Rösti is a traditional Swiss dish featuring one glorious favorite, the potato. What's not to love about a thick, golden potato pancake served up with a dozen condiments and garnishes? If you are feeling adventurous you can add in sauteed veggies or pair it with a slice of tofu quiche, but I suggest tipping your hat to the simple goodness of the pomme de terre. Here's to uncomplicated deliciousness! Served up with garden finds; wild arugula, grape tomatoes, basil, blackberries, and raspberries (pictured below). 

When I was visiting Switzerland I fell in love with this delicious fig mustard (pictured above) that is both spicy and sweet- perfect for slathering on sandwiches, crackers or rösti. Friends reprimanded me for being too liberal with the golden spread but what's to hate about a girl who can't get enough of a good thing? Hop over to the Earth Eats site to see the recipe and try your hand at the biggest pancake flip of your life!

En guete!


  1. Nice balcony!

  2. Iwanttoputthisinmymouth!

  3. What's not to love about fig mustard?! I'm an expat in Germany and I could eat the stuff 3 times a day. I just tried a variety of fig mustard made from red figs. A bit more subtle than fig mustard made from the regular light-fleshed figs, but delicious all the same.

    1. I know! The red fig mustard sounds amazing! Thanks for stopping by the site!

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