September 11, 2012

Summer's end: MoMA BLTs

As summer is coming to a close I am reminded of some of the super sweaty(!) meals shared. This was one of my favorites. We spent a bleary-eyed, late Sunday morning preparing a few fixn's for BLTs- Isa's Tempeh Bacon, salted tomatoes, sliced avocado, greens, and cucumber- wrapped them in tin foil and tossed them in our proverbial "bike baskets". SM shared some of his amazing homemade bread and we piled these sandwiches high with extra veganaise. The result? A BLT better than Boetti! Museum guards scolded us for the above setup in the MoMA's outdoor courtyard, but we eventually found a corner of the marble-and-wire square to enjoy our BL(a)Ts in peace.

To packing your lunch!