October 3, 2012

The Veganette for Earth Eats: Pumpkin Flaxseed Donuts

When good friends move away from the city the only thing that can cushion your emotional crash is a stack of vegan pumpkin donuts. These golden rings did their best to comfort a circle of blanket-sitters in the park a week or so ago as we bade farewell to dear KyS.

If you have never made donuts before, these are a great introduction. A few things to keep in mind; the dough requires 1 hour of rest in the refrigerator so be sure to allow a good amount of time. When rolling out the dough, add as much flour as necessary to keep it from sticking to the countertop. When frying, be sure to keep a thermometer in the oil- the oil should stay around 370 degrees. Form into rings or holes!

Follow this link for ingredients and recipe- http://indianapublicmedia.org/eartheats/vegan-pumpkin-flaxseed-donuts/.



  1. Amazing! The recipe sounds amazing, thanks so much for sharing. I've been missing the fall fresh doughnuts around here, so I guess the only solution is to make some myself.

    Have you ever tried dynamo donuts in San Francisco? You definitely need to come out here & try them sometime if not, they're kind of addicting.

  2. And by Dynamo I also meant Pepples Donuts - vegan (: