December 13, 2012

The Veganette for Chickpea Magazine

Three recipes/ photographs of mine are featured in the winter edition of Chickpea Magazine! I am honored to be included in what is surely one of the best new vegan magazines in circulation. Pre-order now and prepare yourself to enjoy Cara's hand lettering and a pile of new recipes and photographs by some of the nation's finest pan-friers, muddlers, and whiskers. 

You can find the veganette submissions on pages 70-75 featured as a "Cold Dark Day Menu". These are some of my favorite new recipes for winter- Roasted Romanesco with Toasted Pecans, Gluten Free Apple Blackberry Pie, and Cashew Ricotta Pizza. You can preview the magazine online here and pre-order a print copy here. While you're at it, consider purchasing a year subscription! This independent magazine is a beautiful trailblazer that will out-swagger your bon appetit any day of the week. 

To cold (bright) days!

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