January 28, 2013

Brunch with Karis y Samuel

I had the delight of visiting two sweet friends who have recently moved from the city to the promising hills and valleys of Josef and Anni Albers. Oh how they are missed! What a pleasure it was to float the whole night through on a tall air mattress in a quiet dark room with big windows and to wake to coffees and brunch with the Saturday Times. Breadmaster SM has perfected his own take on tofu scramble, frying up big herbed chunks of tofu with sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts!

So many little objects from our fire-escape perching days made their way to this northern apartment and I tried my best to photograph them all. It is such a rare gift to share a history of objects and memories with another. Here featured; a Vern Ehlers mug, a bodega cup, and below, a painting by Ann P of Heartside Gallery & Studio reminding us that "this too shall pass".

To old and new friends,


  1. you make my heart beat and cheeks flush. thank you for spending this brunch (and many more) with us. it is always so good to have you at my table.