January 11, 2013

Sweet Potato Challah

The holidays offered a few rare and restful hours during which I made this braided loaf. Between kneading and baking, I knitted a long burgundy scarf and played piano duets with my mum. Charmed, I know. If you have time this weekend, consider braiding five strands together  and using this loaf for a magical batch of cinnamon french toast! Serve breakfast in bed to your lucky honey with a pile of fruit and maple syrup on top. Hooray! The bread's heavy, soft interior absorbs liquids well and holds up in the frying pan. This is an adaptation of the Pumpkin Challah loaf recipe posted two years ago! I substituted 1 cup of pureed sweet potato for the pumpkin, substituted sugar for the agave nectar, and used all purpose flour (no high gluten in the house).

To the weekenders!

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