November 12, 2013

New York, New York: 20 Favorite Meals by Neighborhood

Three years spent perched in this challenging, sharp, singular, gem of a city. Here are twenty of my favorite vegan meals that are available on any given day at (almost) every hour, sorted by 'hood. As much as I like trying new things, I have been known to have "an order" meaning- I have some serious favorites. This list is by no means comprehensive! Restaurants that are exclusively vegan are marked with a (V) but know that all of these places have many vegetarian and vegan items available.


Williamsburg & Greenpoint

Vegetarian Shanghai-style Lo Mein (spicy with extra spinach)- $8.50 M Shanghai 
Leek Jardinera Arepa (sub tofu for cheese + avocado)- $7.00 Caracas Arepa Bar
Buenos Dias or Raw Kale Salad- $12 Champs! (V)
Seitan Chili Cheese Fries- $5.50 Foodswings (V)
Multigrain Everything Bagel with Tofu Jalapeno Cream Cheese- $4 The Bagel Store
In Ricotta Da Vegan Pizza- $18 Paulie Gee's

Clinton Hill & Bed Stuy

Autumnal Sandwich and G/F Raspberry Chip Cookie- $10 Clementine Bakery (V)
Pumpkin and Okra Roti with Doubles (extra hot sauce)- $7 Trini-Gul Roti Shop
Red Velvet Cake and La Columbe Coffee-$5 Cinnamon Girl (V)
(Delivery) Daily Special- Vegetable Samosas and Bharta (extra spicy)- $14  Bombay Heights

Park Slope & Gowanus

Vegetarian Curry Ramen (fire hot with extra bok choy)- $10 Naruto Ramen
Quinoi Black Bean Salad (+ tempeh bacon)- $8.75 S'Nice
Vietnamese Tofu Sandwich- $6.50 Hanco's
Breakfast Empanadas and a Ginger Squeeze Juice- $7 each V-Spot (V)


Tofu and Veggie Green Curry and Drunken Noodles (shared)- $14 SriPraPhai


Open Face Tempeh Sandwich with Mashed Potatoes and Ruby Kraut- $11 Angelica Kitchen (V)
(Note- this is currently off the menu but I am fighting to get it back! Try the chili in the mean time!)
Tuscan Lasagna- $18 Candle Cafe East (V)
Skyscraper Burger- $10ish Blossom Du Jour (V)
Veggie Dumplings (12 for $5!) Garlic Bok Choy and Edamame- $3 Spicy Village
(Super Fancy Night) Sweet Corn and Cashew Tamales- $26 Pure Food and Wine (V) (Raw)

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