December 6, 2011

Lunch Factory

Packing your lunch is not popular in New York. In fact, I'm finding that cooking in general is something many people reserve for paid professionals in tall white hats or tight fishy hairnets. I understand the sentiment. There is lots of good (interesting) food in this city waiting to be delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less and it's probably as good or better than what you would make and it is probably (even) as cheap or cheaper than what it would cost you to make it. So why take the energy to lug pounds of ingredients 15 blocks, uphill both ways, to find yourself ravenous at 8PM, staring spitefully at a bag of lentils and a pile of greens?

Here is my solution. Lunch factory. Take one night to make lunches for the whole week. Get your roommates in on the idea, and you can each make one big meal to be divided 5 ways. Voila, variety. And trust, it will save you some dollars and it will be much more delicious and healthful than whatever you were thinking about picking up at that place on the corner. I love multi-part lunches and always try to add a salad, tortilla, or side to the main dish.

This week my contribution was the above; brown rice and quinoa covered in cuban-style black beans, roasted chipotle salsa, sauteed collared greens with hot (HATCH) green chiles, corn salsa, field roast chorizo, green onions, and a lime squeeze. Thrown into purses and backpacks with a foil-wrapped whole wheat tortilla.

Let's make packing popular again!


  1. Do you deliver to Bloomington by any chance?

  2. go veganettetita! i want to share it with all my co-workers.