December 5, 2011

Sweet Olive Oil Tortas

Have you heard of Sweet Olive Oil Tortas? This is officially my favourite packaged snack. In Spain, tortas are pastry-like flatbreads served up in a variety of ways, this one with anise seeds, sea salt, and sugar. Ines Rosales makes a number of amazing (vegan) varieties, all carefully stacked and wrapped up in printed waxed paper. I know I should bite the bullet and create a recipe for these little treasures but until then, find yourself a specialty store and enjoy!


1 comment:

  1. The best Olive oil tortas I've tried are the Vegajardin tortas de aceite.
    You can notice that they are truly handmade and are very light and crispy. They have 3 sweet varieties: lemon and cinammon, orange and anise and one salty with fine herbs.