November 6, 2014

Non-Traditional Hosting- Part 1

Boy howdy do I love to host. There are few things sweeter than seeing your home full of close friends, hearts weakened by warm cinnamon buns, spirits light in the noon-sun, hands wrapped around coffee mugs. If you come to my house to eat, you come willing to perch a plate on your knees, eat out of a mug if we run out of plates and bowls, eat quiche with a spoon and pinch kale salad with chop sticks. This is non-traditional hosting. I do not have a kitchen table so if the weather is sweet, we move everything out of the living room window to the roof-deck for a picnic (see above and below). If the weather is sour, we huddle around a small coffee table, perched on couch-arms and benches.

photo by KM
I do not have matching plates or bowls -and I don't mean that in an Anthropologie-esque sense. These gatherings can be so sloppy at times that they'd send Martha Stewart running for the hills. But alas! Thank the heavens for the good people of New York! We're famously easy-going guests and non-traditional hosts, whipping up what we can with what we've got, dimming the lights ever so, making a curtain into a tablecloth, and lighting a candle for the extra touch of class.

Yours under a grey sky,

PS! The top photo was published first on my Instagram! If you aren't following me yet, you can find the pictures at @theveganette!

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