October 20, 2011

Cinnamon Carob Chip Cookies

I've never been fond of carob chips and have treated the product as a long lost cousin of chocolate, lingering on the far corner of the bodega shelf only to be bought in the rare and appalling occasion that there are no vegan chips available and you cannot handle the idea of breaking up a $4.50 bar of Green & Blacks. Regardless, I put aside my prejudices and recently bought a health-nut  super-vegan bag of  carob chips.Of course, I was pleasantly surprised! The nutty bitterness of carob complimented the few earthy scoops of cinnamon I added in and the chips melted into crispy corners on each soft cookie round. Perfect with a glass of unsweetened nut milk.

Use Isa's recipe here from Post Punk Kitchen. Add 1 tsp or more cinnamon and sub Ener-g if you don't have Tapioca flour. Add walnuts and carob as desired!


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