October 21, 2011

The Veganette Turns One: A Year of Eating Together

This month the veganette celebrated one year of existence through recipes, photographs, and stories. It has taken me through two states and six apartments! I am thankful to have this project to share ideas about vegan food and be unabashedly mushy-gushy about how great my friends are. Eating together is so meaningful and when we do it we are learning to love one another better and to share and to be thankful. There I go again with the cheesiness, but I'm just a doting caretaker, proud to see this project complete a year of existence in its own right. Thank you for your part, for reading and eating and sharing and cooking and feeding your neighbors and wives and friends. Here are some photos for you from this past year of food. Many of them are by my quichemasterflex roommate, and creative genius, KM, who deserves a heap of credit for many of the good things that happen here.

Many plates were filled.
In many different homes.
Many plates were emptied.
Many condiments were applied.
We ate outside.
In Texas. And in New Mexico. And in California.
We shared.
We set tables.

Keep eating, making mistakes, making art, making music, and being patient with yourself. I'll try to do the same.
Y'all are the best.


  1. And many more!

  2. Awwww, Marfa. I miss your cupcakes and your love.

  3. you're an inspiration. thanks natalie.

  4. The best thing about your post - the sexy little understated moments in your photos; the Siracha, a gentle outreaching hand, the Dewar's - so nice. Congrats on a year, many more good time may there be.