October 4, 2011

Ethiopian Festival 2011

Ok, so we may not be the classiest of folks, but we sure know how to throw a dinner party. It was with great joy that KM, MW, and I embarked on this feast, slicing piles of red onions, coring green chiles, rinsing lentils, grating ginger, juicing lemons, and rolling injera. Ethiopian cuisine is wonderfully vegan-friendly and inexpensive to make! All four burners were roaring when our hungry friends  filtered into our too-warm and spice-filled kitchen on this side of Brooklyn.

On the menu:
Injera (bought from the local Ethiopian restaurant, Ghenet)
Miser (red lentils and burbere, recipe courtesy of EA)
Gomen (collard greens with spices and red onion)
Kik (split peas with red onions, ginger, and garlic)
Ethiopian Salad (tomatoes, lettuce, garlic, ginger, lemon, and vinegar)
Burbere Paste
Alecha (potatoes, carrots, cabbage, ginger, green chiles, garlic, and spices)

As always, many thanks to the cooks and tasters and to Little Africa and Salam Store for showing us all what's up.


  1. So do you have recipes for these? I would LOVE to make some of this tasty stuff. YUM

  2. C,
    These dishes are so easy to make! Here's the Miser recipe http://theveganette.blogspot.com/2011/03/miser-and-baked-apples-lunch-for-suki.html
    I'll email a few more!